Our Rich History

orllies_60_02On April 15, 1962 Orlie’s opened it’s doors for the first time at 33 North Main Street in Muncy, PA.

Orlie’s was the first to introduce Submarine Sandwiches & Pizza into the Muncy area. A whirlwind business insued until the lack of space and parking became a major problem.

In 1967 Orlie’s moved it’s operation to a much larger and better location at 17 West Water Street – several blocks away.

From 1967 to 1972 the business saw it’s ups and downs. By June of 1972 Hurricane Agnes flooded our area & put us out of business for several weeks. What seemed to be a total disaster turned out to be a godsend because of the monies pored into the region by the newly formed Small Business Association.

Business remained stable for the next three years. 1976 saw the advent of the Lycoming Mall to our region. That was the beginning of the end for several of the downtown businesses.

orllies_60_04Circumstances forced Orlie’s to look for another location. A large building on Main Street housing a department store came up for sale in 1977. The decision to buy it was very difficult considering the plight of the previous small businesses. However on October of 1977 the papers were signed. Within 3 years of unsuccessful tenants Orlies moved it’s operation for the third time in 1981. Because of the need for a full scale restaurant the decision was made to open an Italian -American Restaurant.

Orlando’s Ristorante was born in November of 1981. Unfortunately an Italian Restaurant without wine is like an eagle without wings. Within two years the restaurant failed. Meanwhile Orlie’s stayed afloat and in 1998 a liquor license was purchased and Orlando’s was resurrected.

Now the business flourished and in 2003 our neighboring building came up for sale. The decision to purchase was made primarily to protect our interest in parking. After extensive renovation took place, a new Market & Deli was added to serve the downtown area.